Can DHT (and Hair Loss) Be Stopped? Here Are The Vitamins That Can Answer

Can DHT (and Hair Loss) Be Stopped? Here Are The Vitamins That Can Answer


Worried about a receding hairline? Thinning hair? Or losing your hair completely? Whatever it is, hair loss has been an age-old problem among males. And to be honest, it’s a touchy subject. None of us want to lose our hair, so there comes a time when you either embrace it or try to cover it… 

The latter is usually the hardest option to follow… But, what if it didn’t have to be this way? 

What if there was something you could do to prevent or at least slow down hair loss? Let’s dive in and find out what can be done… 

What Is DHT? 

DHT is a male sex hormone and a form of testosterone. Excess DHT commonly occurs in males around the age of 30 (although this can differ from person to person). 

The chemical shortens growing hairs and stops them from growing back as quickly. Over time, hair in certain areas almost stops growing back entirely as a result of DHT exposure. 

Vitamins That Can Block DHT

When it comes to diet and the prevention of hair loss, many vitamins could lead to the lessening and even prevention of DHT’s effects. And, let’s face it, all our diets could be better anyway, right? 

Let’s check out exactly what vitamins help stop DHT and where they can be found.  

Vitamin B Group 

The vitamins in this group provide thicker and healthier hair. This is due to improving the blood flow to the scalp. Essentially, B Vitamins prevent the build of DHT in the scalp and create a solid basis for hair growth. 

You can find Vitamin B in: 





Leafy greens 


Zinc has been shown to block DHT. However, zinc levels retained in the hair are naturally much lower in men than in women, so men need a lot more zinc. In fact, a good indicator for zinc deficiency is hair loss. Increasing your intake certainly isn’t a bad thing for your hair.  

Zinc can be found in: 

Red meat 




Omega-3 Fatty Acids

You’ve likely heard of this one before, and for good reason. While its effects on your bodies overall health are well known, omega-3 fatty acids can also have a positive effect on your hair. It makes for strong hair follicles making for stronger and thicker hair. 

Omega-3 can be found in: 



Fish Oil 

While there are many more Vitamins that have been linked to preventing DHT and hair loss. However, we’re going to leave it here, for now, so you can start getting those into your diet first.

Can Vitamins Stop DHT – Summarized 

So, there we have it: the vitamins that can mitigate the effects of DHT and its contribution to hair loss. The extent to which vitamins are going to affect you is going to differ massively from person to person. But, if you’re currently worried about hair loss, you have nothing to lose when incorporating more of these vitamins into your diet.

You’ll get a healthier body overall, and who knows, maybe your hair will be thicker, stronger and fuller as a result. Give them a try today!

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