Estrogen Therapy and Hair Growth

Estrogen Therapy and Hair Growth

For the male readers of this blog, estrogen (also known as oestrogen) is not something that one would consider to be of interest. For one, estrogen is largely a female sex hormone. What male would wish to start taking estrogen and establish female secondary sexual qualities such as breast enhancement?

Having stated that, estrogen does have some homes that benefit general health. Amongst these include heart protection (less atherosclerosis); conditioning of resistance; and reduction of swelling. High levels of estrogen are though to be one of the factors behind why females outlast males. The main unfavorable of high estrogen is a higher chance of developing breast cancer.

Update: December 24, 2021

Estrogen Monotherapy for Hair Growth

Because I originally wrote this post, I have actually become increasingly interested by estrogen’s hair growth properties. In my 2021 upgraded post on Male-to-Female (MTF)transgender individuals, some of the previously and after improvements are remarkable.

Most transgender women take estrogen (usually in the kind of estradiol, aka “E2”) along with Finasteride or Dutasteride. Numerous also add anti-androgens such as spironolactone or cyproterone acetate into the mix. This is referred to as hormonal agent replacement therapy (HRT).

What I am most curious about is non-transgender men who just utilize topical estrogen (cream, lotion, patch or spray) to regrow their hair. I would have never though that this would be a really effective solo hair loss treatment. Moreover, some quantity of topical medication always gets soaked up into the blood stream. So the feminizing negative effects are most likely to be substantial, even if perhaps less so than with injected or oral estrogen supplements.

Reddit to the Rescue

What encouraged me to re-examine subject is Reddit. In recent months, I have actually seen a variety of threads by people focused on utilizing estrogen monotherapy to treat hair loss. Oftentimes, the “monotherapy” is eventually supplemented with Minoxidil or Finasteride, but this is still okay by me.

I do not regular Reddit more than two times a week, and rarely go to the transgender associated subreddits. So I likely missed dozens of other threads in 2021. Fortunately, I bookmarked the listed below ones. I want to eventually discover more such reviews from males who are certainly not transgender. In the remarks, do not hesitate to publish links to any that you discover intriguing. And they need not simply be restricted to Reddit.

  • Yesterday, somebody published a concern titled “Can estradiol mono-therapy aid grow back your hairline”? Several of the actions are quite encouraging.
  • 3 days ago, someone published this remarkable transformation from using simply Finasteride and Oestrogel for 2 years. She declares that this is all her genuine hair.
  • One month ago, somebody posted a extremely surprisingly titled thread with 6 before and after pictures (make sure to swipe right of each image). According to this individual’s theory, an artificial selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) would be almost as good as a hair loss treatment. Supplied it is integrated with an oral Minoxidil and an anti-androgen. Keep in mind that most people prefer an anti-androgen and DHT blocker mix. But oral Minoxidil is becoming a lot more popular too.
  • Previously in 2021, somebody posted phenomenal prior to and after results from using just estrogen plus Minoxidil as a hair loss treatment. I would think that the large bulk of this transformation is due to the estrogen.

February 25, 2015

Estrogen Hormone Therapy and Hair Growth

The reason I decided to compose a post on estrogen is since I just recently read an incredibly intriguing 2012 interview with Dr. George Cotsarelis. While the primary part of the interview is devoted to the oft gone over PGD2, there are several other fascinating subjects gone over. The second page of the interview is what truly shocked me in a good way.

In the first part of this interview, Dr. Cotsarelis discusses the old and popular Dr. James Hamilton study from the 1950s. In this research study, it was discovered that males who were castrated prior to adolescence (eunuchs) never ever went bald. However, upon being offered testosterone, those with a household history of baldness still began to loose hair.

The second part of the interview is more fascinating. It covers the truth that even after someone has actually lost much of his hair due to androgenic alopecia, he can grow back a lot of it when given estrogen (after castration)!

This point is apparently verified by many research studies on Male-to-Female (MTF) transitioning transgender individuals. Such patients show hair regrowth after their being castrated and getting on estrogen hormonal agent replacement treatment (HRT). Typically with the addition of an anti-androgen such as Spironolactone.

While I do not think any of us males wish to get castrated or take estrogen (estradiol), this is still an amazing finding. One of the best examples remains in the in the past and after image below from this study.

Estrogen Treatment Hair Growth
Estrogen(Estradiol)Treatment Hair Regrowth. Source: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. Keep in mind that both estrogen and progesterone extend the anagen growth stage cycle of hair follicles. In contrast, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) do the opposite and much shorter the hair growth phase. Make certain to likewise read my post on how finasteride effects testosterone and estrogen levels.

Hair Regrowth Difficulties

Over the years, I have actually read a number of posts in which doctors and professionals seem to suggest that as soon as hair is gone (turns vellus), it can never ever return. This is likewise why Finasteride and Minoxidil practically never ever restore any significant quantity of hair for someone who is primarily or totally bald. However, it appears like hair can grow back in fully bald locations of the scalp in some circumstances.

There have actually been anecdotal reviews on Dutasteride actually growing back long dormant hair. But these have actually been rare. Over a decade earlier, Dr. Marty Sawaya caused a crazy level of enjoyment on hair loss online forums when she reported that one of her older patients gained back the majority of his lost hair when on Dutasteride. But that entire episode was controversial and not replicated.

More current research suggests that a balding scalp still has all the hair follicle stem cells undamaged. However specific progenitor cells have actually become diminished. Essentially, the cells exist, however the activity is not there. Dr. Cotsarelis has suggested that possibly obstructing PGD2 will allow the stem cells to make progenitor cells again. However, this is not a certainty, and neither is hair regrowth guaranteed when PGD2 is hindered.

I suspect that this powerful impact of estrogen on hair regrowth is still not strong enough to grow back all of one’s lost hair. This is because numerous older balding MTF transsexuals appear to get hair transplantation even after getting castrated and starting estrogen treatment.

Lastly, for men who take Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar), one possible negative effects is increased estrogen levels. This sometimes leads to the dreadful gynecomastia (male breast enlargement), along with fat gain in other parts of the body. Their are numerous complaints on hair loss online forums about this side effect. The majority of studies suggest that the chances of establishing gyno from taking 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors is very low.