HairDAO: Blockchain Driven Hair Loss Cure

HairDAO: Blockchain Driven Hair Loss Cure

On unusual events, I blog about lower recognized people doing something very fascinating or distinct in the hair loss world. In most cases, this has included writing about blog readers testing or describing their own theories and mixtures to deal with hair loss. In others, I simply want to support hard working genuine people associated with the hair loss world who are not out there just to make money.

HairDAO: Autonomous Blockchain Technology to Cure Hair Loss

This time, I want to go over a brand-new blockchain based Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) called HairDAO. It was started by 2 hair loss victims. Ultimately, this endeavor may end up being worthless (or worse, become a rip-off as more money ends up being involved). However so far, I am impressed with what I have actually checked out and seem like it holds prospective.

Also, as far as I know, blockchain based concepts are very transparent. They are incredibly unlikely to develop into any type of pyramid or ponzi plan type fraud. Nonetheless, continue with care! For now, this is simply something distinct of interest to myself.

Biotechnology and health related DAOs are becoming increasingly typical (e.g., VitaDAO for durability and anti-aging research). See this list of other science related DAOs. I like VitaDAO’s motto: “We’re democratising durability.”

VitaDAO’s Discord is totally active and you can join them to get a much better idea of the future of HairDAO’s Discord. Likewise, the #VITA token is already being traded on the general public blockchain. Another fascinating one is LabDAO, which is in pre-launch mode, just like HairDAO.

Key Highlights of HairDAO

  • HairDAO will be completely owned and operated on the Ethereum public blockchain.
  • The two co-founders of this effort are Andrew Bakst and Andrew Verbinnen. Both struggle with hair loss and treat it using medication.
  • Their Whitepaper that simply came out previously this month is well worth a complete read. It covers numerous aspects of the present concerns in the hair loss world when it comes to lack of funding for the most appropriate treatments and research.
  • The only token held by the Treasury at launch will be the $HAIR ERC-20 token. More than likely, it will be released prior to completion of 2022.
  • There will be 1 billion $HAIR tokens minted at launch. These will be controlled by a momentary Gnosis Safe Multi-Signature Wallet.
  • Follow them on Twitter if you find this principle fascinating. Or on Discord if you are really a fan. FYI — — HLC2020 likewise has its own Discord hair loss chat.

Per HairDAO’s Whitepaper, besides straight-out purchase, the $HAIR token can also be earned through: the arrangement of capital and operational work; the generation of copyright; the operation of making centers; medical trial participation; and regulative advisement.

Keep in mind: I am unsure how this will all work. My instinct tells me that these sort of co-operative community based projects belong to the long-lasting attraction of blockchain innovation.

How will a DAO Help Hair Loss Research?

Upon first glimpse, it seems confusing regarding how HairDAO can accelerate hair loss research. Specifically given that the majority of people assume that sales of tokens such as $HAIR are just to earn money in a similar vein to stock trading or cryptocurrency coin trading.

Nevertheless, the goal of a DAO is to collectively fund (or invest) in scientists and institutions through neighborhood discussion and voting. HairDAO will do this through its Discord channel where it has channels for proposals (and working groups in future). Possibly they can quickly raise funds for Dr. Tsuji and Riken as their very first concern?

The chart listed below from their White Paper offers a general concept of how this will work.

HairDAO Hair Loss Cure Funding
HairDAO — Hair Loss Research Investment. Source: White Paper. Our primary goal is to solve hair loss. My individual opinion is that we need to release capital in a rewarding way so that individuals can make money from holding our tokens and also solve a cause they care about. Otherwise we are just a charity for hair loss and I believe profit-driven individuals are more likely to discover services to problems. But eventually the neighborhood will choose what is finest — — Andrew V.

I agree with the above quote. Moreover, people who think extremely highly in charity and volunteer work are less likely to be involved in a cosmetic/ beauty/appearance related field such as hair loss.


Note that I am not being paid in any method whatsoever to discuss HairDAO. I am not even most likely to purchase the #HAIR token when it comes out unless I see some real upside in other associated biotech location tokens. However, it is excellent to lastly see blockchain technology and the hair loss world lastly converging.

Possibly HairDAO can also be used for the popular “Group Buys” and brand-new hair loss substance experimentation down the roadway?

Sooner or later, blockchain innovation will become enormous and much more than just cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. I remember how I got thinking about Twitter in its earliest days and kept thinking that it held much higher potential. It took a decade prior to it really removed.