Han Bio Hair Multiplication through Dermal Papilla Cells

Han Bio Hair Multiplication through Dermal Papilla Cells

At the end of March, I read about a brand-new South Korean company called Han Bio. Apparently, this company has actually managed to successfully establish a dermal papilla cell culturing innovation.

Update: January 2022 — — South Korea is the very first country worldwide to suggest that the federal government must spend for hair loss treatments. Thank you President Lee Jae-myung. It looks like I am not as libertarian as I believed. Please see the middle of this post for a lot more on South Korea’s leadership in hair loss research.

Lee Jae-myung stated on Wednesday that hair loss coverage is necessary from the aspect of “body completeness.”

Update: October 2021 — — Clinical trials will start in the very first half of 2022. Han Bio will partner with Dt&& CRO. The latter is South Korea’s first and only full-service contract research study company (CRO). Non-clinical trials will begin in November 2021.

Another article from March 2021, with CEO David Kang making a vibrant forecast:

“By gathering 50 to 100 healthy hair follicle tissues from the back of a client struggling with hair loss, extracting the dermal papilla cells, cultivating them, and transplanting them back to the head, we can basically cure hair loss.”

Of course in the beginning I was incredulous. However, after additional research study, I decided that I need to at least take the business semi-seriously. Han Bio’s blog is specifically substantial. Some hair associated articles on there enter into numerous pages, so make certain to navigate thoroughly (after translation). Another variation here seems to have extra news.

Note that when I called the business, they directed me to the above blog.

South Korea: Groundbreaking Hair Loss Treatments

South Korea is a world leader when it pertains to plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments. When it pertains to treating hair loss, South Korea is particularly outstanding in developing and/or using brand-new innovations. For example:

  • South Korea is one of only 2 countries in the world where Dutasteride has actually been authorized for dealing with hair loss.
  • The work of Dr. Kang-Yell Choi and CK Biotech in developing PTD-DBM to target CXXC5.
  • PGD2 inhibition innovation via Stemore.
  • DKK-1 research and patent for locally-based Bioneer.
  • My preferred: Allogeneic Person-to-Person Hair Transplants.
  • South Korean companies are also at the leading edge of establishing stem cell related items, consisting of AAPE and ADSC. Many such presently readily available items likely have actually limited to no advantages towards hair growth.
  • Finasteride injections.
  • Moogene.
  • Update: May 2021 — — Epibiotech.
  • An out of proportion quantity of research when it concerns hair growth from natural items. Especially from sea vegetables and algae.

Han Bio’s Dermal Papilla Cell Storage and Culturing

Note that Han Bio is also called Hanmo Bio and Hanbio Group in news articles and on the company’s website. The externally located blog has some lengthy posts regarding this brand-new innovation. Some include images and video (screenshots even more below).

In December 2020, Han Bio introduced its dermal papilla cell storage service called HDPC-480. The sticker price is 4.8 million South Korean Won ($4280 at present exchange rates). They offer a steep discount for the first 500 patients.

Keep in mind that in the western world, we have a similar option offered by means of HairClone (UK). Furthermore, HairClone has actually already been active for numerous years.

Han Bio Dermal Papilla Cell Storage

Dermal Papilla Cell Storage. HDPC-480 treatment from Han Bio. According to the baldness CEO Kang Da-Witt (also called Kang David ):”Han Bio has actually protected innovations to separate and regroup the dermal papilla cells in hair follicles. It would take just a single strand of a client’s hair to cultivate sufficient cells to recreate around 30,000 hair strands. “The business’s approach is referred to as”chopping separation technology” after translation from Korean into English.

Han Bio has actually ended up construction of its very first plant, where the business stores and cultivates client dermal papilla cells. These can then be cultured, increased and then implanted into the very same client through a hair transplantation. This new plant will open by the end of May 2021.

Han Bio Clinical Trials and Patents

Han Bio Presentation
Han Bio video discussion screenshot. Han Bio will start medical trials in the second half of 2021. According to CEO Kang Da-Witt, he expects that the time needed for scientific trials will be reduced. This is because of a favorable brand-new South Korean law which ended up being effective on August 28, 2020. It is developed to help fast-track the market entry of regenerative medicine and biologics related items. Comparable to Japan’s fast-track laws.

Han Bio is now preparing to obtain patents in the US, Japan and China. The are also open up to out-licensing the technology.

Transplanting Someone Else’s Dermal Papilla Cells

From Han Bio’s comprehensive blog site, one FAQ area captured my eye. It looks like the moms and dad company of “Hanmo Bio” has successfully transplanted hair stem cells from someone to another. With no immune responses.

Dermal Papilla Transplant
Dermal Papilla Cell Transplant from Another Person. Clearly, this all sounds way too excellent to be real.

However I need to prognosticate. Asian countries dominate the world in the production of nano-scale semiconductors, microchips and incorporated circuits. Possibly our invisible-to-the-eye dermal papilla cells are next?