What You Can Do for Alopecia Awareness Month!

What You Can Do for Alopecia Awareness Month!


In spite of many alopecia sufferers feeling as though they are in the dark, there is an entire month dedicated to spreading awareness and information!

September is Alopecia Areata Awareness Month

If you were not aware that the month of September is dedicated to alopecia awareness, then that’s likely due to lack of word-of-mouth information spread. Despite throngs of otherwise healthy people who have experienced drastic hair loss, alopecia is not a common household name. There are few acceptable treatments that target independent causes of alopecia, with most treatments and discussions centering on topical treatments and folk remedies. These treatments and remedies often target causes of hair loss that don’t apply to general alopecia, and many sufferers of the disease find themselves poorly equipped in the face of the unknown.

In spite of this information awareness battle, multiple groups have dedicated their forces to enlightening others on the causes, tips, and funding avenues for alopecia awareness.

Why Is Knowledge of This Disease So Rigidly in the Dark?

With around 1 in every 700 people suffering from this disease, it easily gets glossed over. When a person deals with hair loss, they can spend hours sifting through their own activities, schedules, and habits, frantically searching for what the cause could be. Often, a doctor’s visit is necessary to shed light on your situation, as there is not much information and help available to the average person.

Although there is an entire month dedicated to enlightening others on this condition, there isn’t much associated funding, and the supporters of alopecia awareness month are often limited to concerned friends and family of loved ones who suffer from the disease.

How to Utilize September

Because September serves as a massive wave of support for those who suffer the disease, it is pertinent to grab hold of the throngs of supporters who line research and development teams. Finding online groups and consultation websites to aid in your situation is paramount to feeling at home and in control of your condition. Because many people are not aware of alopecia, namedropping Alopecia Awareness Month in conversations is a great way to spread knowledge as well as connect with those who already know about it.

Perusing some of our many alopecia archives and sharing them on social media is also a great way to facilitate a learning atmosphere and support not only yourself but also others who suffer from the disease.

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